MCQs on Disaster Management - 22

1. The type and degree of flooding is influenced by many factors, such as 

a) Climatological 
b) Hydrological and environmental conditions 
c) Local geomorphology of the flood plain 
d) All of the above

Answer: (d)

2. The type of energy that shakes the Earth during an earthquake is produced by 

a) gravitational attraction 
b) density variations 
c) shock waves 

Answer: (c)

3. The typical examples of man-made disasters are 

a) Chemical explosion 
b) Leakage of toxic waste 
c) War and civil strife 
d)All of the above

Answer: (d)

4. The vector of zika virus is 

a) Aedes egypti 
b) Aedes albopictus 
c) Both a &b 
d) Different species of mosquitoes

Answer: (c)

5. What is the speed of tsunami waves? 

a) a) 40 meters/hour 
b) b) 100 kms/hour 
c) c) 9000 km/hour 
d)d) 800 km/hour

Answer: (d)

6. What percent of earthquakes and tsunamis account for world disasters? 

a) a. 8% 
b) b. 3% 
c) c. 9% 
d)d. 7%

Answer: (a)

7. When a powerful earthquake struck South Eastern Iran and caused enormous loss of life and property killing 30,000 people? 

a) a. 26.12.2003 
b) b. 26.11.2003 
c) c. 26.10.2003 
d)d. 26.10.2002

Answer: (a)

8. When is a large event such as a major earthquake not a disaster? 

a) a. when it happens in a far away country that we do not care about 
b) b. when it happens to less than 10,000 people 
c) c. when it happens to less than 1,000 people 
d)d. when it happens in an area without any people

Answer: (d)

9. When wind speed increases, air pressure 

a) Increases 
b) Decreases 
c) remains constant 
d)None of these

Answer: (b)

10. Which area in the world witness’s highest seismic earthquake activity in the world. 

a) Mid-continental belt 
b) Cir-cum Pacific belt 
c) Mid-Atlantic belt 
d)All of the above

Answer: (b)



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