(a) 7.64 𝑚𝑚

(b) 9.94 𝑚𝑚

(c) 12.62 𝑚𝑚

(d) 15.92 𝑚𝑚

Answer: (b)


(a) 22.2 𝑚𝑚

(b) 24.6 𝑚𝑚

(c) 26.6 𝑚𝑚

(d) 28.2 𝑚𝑚

Answer: (a)

83. The earth pressure distribution in sand for braced cuts of moist and dry sands is:

Answer: (b)

84. Which one of the following surveys is conducted for public land system to delineate and establish boundaries of field, houses or other private or public property?

(a) Topographic survey

(b) Engineering survey

(c) Cadastral survey

(d) Control survey

Answer: (c)


Answer: (d)

86. Which one of the following types of keys is arranged Air-photo interpretation so that the interpretation proceeds step-by-step from the general to the specific, and leads to the elimination of all features or conditions except the one being identified?

(a) Imaginary key

(b) Elimination key

(c) Stereoscopic key

(d) Photo key

Answer: (b)

87. Human eye is sensitive only to visible spectrum which is in the wavelength range of:

(a) 0.2 to 05 𝜇m

(b) 0.4 to 07 𝜇m

(c) 0.6 to 09 𝜇m

(d) 0.8 to 12 𝜇m

Answer: (b)

88. Which of the following stakes are set at points that have the same ground and grade elevation?

(a) Offset stakes

(b) Slope stakes

(c) Centre-line stakes

(d) Grade stakes

Answer: (d)

89. Which one of the following is an ideal transition curve?

(a) Cubic spiral

(b) Cubic parabola

(c) Lemniscate

(d) Clothoid

Answer: (d)

90. Which one of the following types of lustre is exhibited by ‘calcite ‘?

(a) Vitreous lustre

(b) Dull

(c) Pearly

(d) Resinous

Answer: (c)