Solved Question Paper for Lecturer in Electrical Engineering in DTTE, GNCTD conducted by UPSC

51. A Wien-bridge is sometimes called:

(a) Wheatstone bridge
(b) Phase shifter
(c) Twin-T oscillator
(d) Notch filter

Answer: (d)

52. For an operational amplifier when used as an analog comparator the output voltage will be:

Answer: (a)

53. A basic microprocessor operation such as reading a byte from memory or writing a byte to a port is called:
(a) Instruction cycle
(b) Clock cycle
(c) Boot cycle
(d) Machine cycle

Answer: (d)

54. How many clock cycles are required for the loop in 8086 with a 5-MHz Clock when it exits the loop?
(a) 2 Clock cycles
(b) 3 Clock cycles
(c) 4 Clock cycles
(d) 5 Clock cycles

Answer: (d)

55. The thermal noise voltage measured at 27°𝐶 by a measuring equipment of bandwidth 10 MHz in the following circuit will be nearly:
(a) 1.1 𝜇V
(b) 0.9 𝜇V
(c) 0.7 𝜇V
(d) 0.5 𝜇V

Answer: (b)

56. Which one of the following offers higher bandwidths and noise immunity and used in long distance telephone lines and cables for TV?
(a) STP
(b) Coaxial cable
(c) Optical fibre
(d) UTP

Answer: (b)


Answer: (c)

58. If a system is described by the differential equation:

Answer: (b)

59. The output of a system is given by: 
then the system will be:
(a) Stable
(b) Unstable
(c) Causal
(d) Non-causal

Answer: (c)

(a) Shift variant
(b) Scale variant
(c) Shift invariant
(d) Scale invariant

Answer: (c)



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