Solved Question Paper for Statistical Investigator Grade - I & Asstt. Director of Census Operations (T) in the Office of RGI conducted by UPSC

61. Which fertility rate indicates how many future mothers would be born to present mothers according to the current level of fertility and mortality?

(a) Total Fertility Rate
(b) General Fertility Rate
(c) Gross Reproduction Rate
(d) Net Reproduction Rate

Answer: (d)

62. The difference in the mortality experiences of two communities can be done by comparing the values of:
(a) Crude Death Rate
(b) Age Specific Death Rate
(c) Standardized Death Rate
(d) Infant Mortality Rate

Answer: (c)

63. In the time period 1981‐1990, Crude Birth Rate is 40.9 and Vital Index is 186. What is the
approximate value of Crude Death Rate?
(a) 18
(b) 20
(c) 22
(d) 24

Answer: (c)

64. Which one of the following is dependent on the unit of measurement?
(a) Crude Birth Rate
(b) Correlation coefficient
(c) Total Fertility Rate
(d) Standard Deviation

Answer: (d)

65. The standardised death rate of Region A was found to be 6.6. It implies that on the average 66 deaths occur per:
(a) 100 persons of A
(b) 1000 persons of A
(c) 10000 persons of A
(d) 100000 persons of A

Answer: (c)

66. In 1993, the sex ratio at birth was 105 males to 100 females in India. Total Fertility Rate was 3.54. The value of Gross Reproduction Rate is approximately:
(a) 1.73
(b) 1.81
(c) 3.37
(d) 3.85

Answer: (a)

67. The Mortality Rate involving still births and infant deaths within first week is:
(a) Infant Mortality Rate
(b) Neonatal Mortality Rate
(c) Post Neonatal Mortality Rate
(d) Perinatal Mortality Rate

Answer: (d)

68. The number of live births per 1000 married female in the reproductive age group (15‐49 years) gives:
(a) General Fertility Rate
(b) Total Fertility Rate
(c) Age Specific Marital Fertility Rate
(d) General Marital Fertility Rate

Answer: (d)

69. Adoption of PLCN in Census of India 2001 means:
(a) Population Location Code Number
(b) Primary Location Code Number
(c) Permanent Location Code number
(d) Provisional Location Code Number

Answer: (c)

70. In a life table, p80 = 0.9 . The value of Age Specific Death Rate at age 80 is:
(a) 0.102
(b) 0.103
(c) 0.104
(d) 0.105

Answer: (d)



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