1. Which shortcut key is used in ‘Company Features’ screen to use Inventory Features in Tally?

A. F1

B. F2

C. F3

D. F4

Answer: (b)

2. Which shortcut key is used in ‘Company Features’ Screen to use Statutory & Taxation in Tally?

A. F3

B. F4

C. F2

D. F1

Answer: (a)

3. What percent of additional Tax is applied in VAT is 4%?

A. 1%

B. 4%

C. 2.5%

D. 1.5%

Answer: (b)

4. What percent of Additional Tax is applied if VAT in 12.5%?

A. 1%

B. 2.5%

C. 4%

D. 1.5%

Answer: (b)

5. Which shortcut key is used to enable Value Added Tax?

A. F1

B. F5

C. F11

D. F12

Answer: (c)

6. Which shortcut key is pressed to set ‘Yes’ in “Allow Selection of VAT/Tax class during entry?”

A. F11

B. F12

C. F3

D. F5

Answer: (b)

7. Which group [Under] is selected in Input VAT or Output VAT?

A. Duties & Taxes

B. Indirect Expenses

C. Direct Expenses

D. Sundry Creditors

Answer: (a)

8. Which is the shortcut key to zoom TDS Challan?

A. Alt + P

B. Alt + Z

C. Ctrl + Z

D. Ctrl + Alt + Z

Answer: (B)

9. Which website should be visited to get any information related to TDS?

A. www.income tax.gov.in

B. www.incometax india.gov.in

C. www.tdsindia.gov.in

D. www.incometax india.org.in

Answer: (B)

10. Which option is used to print From 16A of TDS?

A. Gateway of Tally→ StatutoryReport → Return → Print Form 16A

B. Gateway of Tally→ Return → Print Form 16 A

C. Gateway of Tally→ TDS Reports→ Return→ Print Form 16 A

D. Gateway of Tally→ Display → Statutory Report → TDS Reports → Return → Print Form 16A

Answer: (D)