MCQs on Disaster Management - 27

1. By what measures can we significantly reduce the impact of disasters on our people? 

a) Better planning 
b) Preparedness awareness 
c) Mitigation measures 
d) All the above

Answer: (d)

2. Considering ecological organizations, range between tops of highest mountains and floor of oceans is classified as 

a) biosphere 
b) exosphere 
c) troposphere 
d) stratosphere

Answer: (a)

3. DDMA is headed by 

a) District magistrate 
b) Chief secretary 
c) BDO 
d) None of the above

Answer: (a)

4. Dikes and dams are lined up along the coast of the Netherlands 

a) to generate electricity for its population 
b) to change the course of rivers that flow into the North Sea 
c) to keep storms away from the country 
d) to keep ocean water out of the lower lying land

Answer: (d)

5. Ebola virus disease first appeared in the year: 

a) 1976 
b) 1967 
c) 1956 
d) 1926

Answer: (a)

6. Effective hazard management largely rely on 

a) Govt. agencies 
b) Emergency responses 
c) Pre-disaster planning 
d) Volcanoes

Answer: (c)

7. Engineering disaster is simply referred to those disasters when it is caused by an engineering failure like – 

a) Design flaws or materials failures 
b) Insufficient knowledge or underestimations 
c) Carelessness or negligence 
d) All the above.

Answer: (d)

8. First Aid Kit should contain? 

a) Cotton Wool, Bandage 
b) Pain Relievers, Medicines 
c) Scissors, Gloves, Antacids 
d) All the above

Answer: (d)

9. For coordinating disaster management activities for all natural hazards, the Nodal Agency at the Central Govt is the? 

a) Ministry of Home Affairs 
b) Ministry of Rural Development 
c)  Ministry of Communication
d) Ministry of Urban Ministry

Answer: (a)

10. For good land use planning, buildings should be built: 

a) above the 1 in 100 year flood level 
b) above the level of the Probable Maximum Flood 
c) based on the chance and consequences of a flood for that particular building 
d) above the level of the largest historical flood.

Answer: (c)



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