1. Windows may rattle and people may feel tremor at scale of 

a) 3 
b) 4 
c) 5 
d) 2

Answer: (b)

2. Which part of disaster management involves predicting a possible crisis before it occurs? 

a) Mitigation 
b) Preparedness 
c) Response 
d) Recovery

Answer: (a)

3. Flooding in London is prevented by 

a) a barrier that is raised and lowered 
b) gates in the western part of the city 
c) westerly winds
d) high dams along the Themes

Answer: (a)

4. Floods can be prevented by 

a) Afforestation 
b) Cutting the forest 
c) Tilling the land 
d) Removing the top soil

Answer: (a)

5. Full form of DDMA – 

a) District Disaster Management Authority 
b) District Disease Manage Authority 
c) District Dam Manage Authority 
d) District Duck Management Authority

Answer: (a)

6. Full form of EVD- 

a) Ebola Virus Disease 
b) Evoc Virus Disease 
c) Evola voc Disease 
d) Evola Vig Disease

Answer: (a)

7. Full form of NGO- 

a) Non Government Organization 
b) Non Govern Organise 
c) Non Govern Organ
d) Non Govern Orpat

Answer: (a)

8. Full form of PPP- 

a) Public Partner Prize 
b) Public Private Partnership 
c) Public Pure Partner 
d) Public Partner Private

Answer: (b)

9. Generally the number on Richter Scale ranges between – 

a) 0 and 6 
b) 0 and 9 
c) 1 to 5 
d) 1 to 12

Answer: (b)

10. If you were at the beach, how would you know there may be a tsunami? 

a) There may be a warning 
b) An alert comes over the radio 
c) There is a drop in the level of the ocean 
d) all of the above

Answer: (d)