MCQs on Disaster Management - 37

1. Which metal is causing for Minamata disease - 

a) Iron 
b) Mercury 
c) Gold 
d) Silver

Answer: (b)

2. Which natural hazard has caused the greatest number of deaths in a single event? 

a) earthquakes 
b) floods 
c) volcanic eruptions and related disasters 
d) hurricanes

Answer: (a)

3. Which natural hazard has resulted in the greatest monetary losses in a single event for the period of time listed? 

a) Earthquake 
b) hurricane 
c) fire 
d) flood

Answer: (a)

4. Which choice is a man-made trigger of landslides? 

a) earthquakes 
b) Valcano 
c) blasting 
d) erosion

Answer: (c)

5. Which of the following can reduce the risk of flooding? 

a) zonings and building regulations for new developments 
b) dams, detention basins and levees 
c) flood awareness and education programs 
d) all of the above.

Answer: (d)

6. Which of the following disasters can be triggered by an earthquake? 

a) Tsunami 
b) Intense ground shaking 
c) A landslide 
d)All of the above

Answer: (d)

7. Which of the following diseases appeared as public health concern in the last quarter of 20 th century

a) HIV 
b) Ebola virus 
c) Escherichia coli O157:H7 
d) All of the above

Answer: (d)

8. Which of the following emits dangerous radioactive wastes forcing the government to eliminate its use? 

a) Nuclear energy 
b) Water energy 
c) Geothermal energy 
d) Solar energy

Answer: (a)

9. Which of the following group of people are more vulnerable in the event of a disaster 

a) Men, boys, old people 
b) Men, Women, boys 
c) Women, children, Old people 
d) None of these

Answer: (c)

10. Which of the following is responsible for periodic change? 

a) Eruption of volcano 
b) Hearbeat 
c) A car accident 
d) Landslide

Answer: (b)


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