1. Which of the following is the best thing to do during heavy lightning ? 

a) lie on the ground in an open place. 

b) Go into a water body 

c) Stay indoors, away from metallic doors and windows. 

d) Stand under a tall tree.

Answer: (a)

2. An insurance company decides on the cost of a policy for a natural hazard by __________. 

a) adding up the total cost of the most recent disaster of the type 

b) multiplying the probability of the loss by the number of policies sold 

c) averaging their probable dollar loss for all disasters that they insure

d) calculating the cost of the probable loss times the probability of that event

Answer: (d)

3. Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre is at? 

a) Bangkok 

b) Kerala 

c) Surat 

d) None

Answer: (a)

4. Besides testing the quality of the food itself, inspections should be made to determine 

a) the cleanliness of- 

b) Premises where food is handled and prepared 

c) Washing facilities

d) Food storage facilities

Answer: (d) 

5. The costs of catastrophic events continue to increase primarily because __________. 

a) more people are moving into more hazardous areas 

b) not enough people pay for insurance in hazardous areas to even out the costs 

c) insurance companies are not making enough profit to satisfy their

d) shareholders

Answer: (a)

6. What are the three phases of disaster management planning? 

a) Preparation, Response and Recovery 

b) Preparation, Planning and Perception 

c) Evacuating, Rebuilding and Re-branding 

d) Planning, Evacuating and Recovery

Answer: (a)

7. What can happen to make a moderate-size event into a large natural disaster? 

a) cyclic events that tend to get stronger with time 

b) overlapping events that amplify the effect 

c) cyclic events that get progressively bigger as each one adds to the next in the series 

d) the multiplying effect of events of a given type in the same area

Answer: (b)

8. Andhra Pradesh was severely battered by a cyclonic storm killed more than 10,000 lives on? 

a) 15.11.1976 

b) 15.11.1977 

c) 15.11.1978 

d) 15.11.1975

Answer: (b)

9. Andhrapradesh is in 

a) West coast 

b) East coast 

c) North India 

d) None of these

Answer: (b)

10. Bhuj earthquake occurred in 

a) 23 January, 2001 

b) 26 January, 2001 

c) 31 January, 2001 

d) 29 January, 2001

Answer: (b)