1. What is asset side financing out of these means

a. large enterprise financing 
b. import financing
c. Letter of credit with margin (for musharika) 
d. all of answers are correct

Answer (b)

2. Giving share of investor to customer on lease is the

a. basis of musharika 
b. basis of diminishing musharika
c. basis of ijarah 
d. basis of hibah

Answer (b)

3. An agreement in which advance fee is made for commodities to be delivered afterwards
on is

a. murabaha 
b. baisalam
c. ijarah 
d. b& c

Answer (d)

4. Word Musharika is originated from Arabic word Sharikah meaning

a. friends 
b. ijarah
c. lessor 
d. partnership

Answer (b)

5. A most ordinary kind of Shirkat-ul-Aqd where equality in capital, management or
liability might be identical in one case but not in all respect meaning either profit is equal
but not labour or vice versa is

a. shirkat-ul-aqd 
b. shirkat-ul-ainan
c. shirkat-ul-dain 
d. shirkat-ul-milk

Answer (b)

6. Working capital financing in Musharika is

a. liability side financing 
b. asset side financing
c. assets 
d. liabilities

Answer (b)

7. Where everyone partner contribute some capital into a commercial venture is

a. partnership in capital 
b. shirkat-ul-amwal
c. a & b 
d. shirkat-ul-abdan

Answer (c)

8. Investments given by all partners/shareholders known to as

a. partners 
b. ijarah
c. murabah 
d. takaful

Answer (a)

9. Mutually or equally using an asset by taking twists under conditions where partners or
joint vendors are on superior stipulations is

a. musharikaintifa 
b. musharika
c. ijarah 
d. hibah

Answer (a)

10. Sharikah is chief term than

a. ijarah 
b. murabaha
c. musharika 
d. shirkat-ul-ainan

Answer (c)