MCQs on Hindustani Sangeeth -9

1. ‘Panchamadi Moorchchana’ of Bharta’s ‘Sadaj Gram’ is called as
(A) Aabhiri
(B) Abhiruddgataa
(C) Aarshbhi
(D) Matsarikritaa

2. Bahadur Sen is related to which instrument?
(A) Santoor
(B) Sursingaar
(C) Sitar
(D) Surbahar

3. Which one of the following is frequency of Shuddh Dhaivat of Western Shuddh Swar Saptak?
(A) 480
(B) 270
(C) 405
(D) 400

4. Who was the founder of ‘Chakrik- Prakriya’ for measurement of ‘Swar- Samvaad’?
(A) Pt. Bhatkhande
(B) Pt. Paluskar
(C) Pt. Lalit Kishore Singh
(D) Pt. Omkarnath Thakur

5. Who was the inventor of “Shruti- DarpanVaadya”?
(A) Kailash Chandradev Vrihaspati
(B) S.N. Ratanjankar
(C) Nihshank Sharangdev
(D) Acharya Bharat

6. Which of the following is in correct order?
(A) Swaramel Kalaanidhi, Natyashastra, Vrihaddeshi, Ratnakar, Ragtatvavibodh
(B) Ragtatvavibodh, Ratnakar, Vrihaddeshi, Natyashashtra, Swarmelkalanidhi
(C) Natyashastra, Vrihaddeshi, Ratnakar, Swarmelakalanidhi Ragtatvavibodha
(D) Vrihaddeshi, Natyashastra, Ragtatvavibodh, Ratnakar, Swarmelakalanidhi

7. Match List – I with List – II and select correct order from the codes given below:
List – I                                    List – II
1. Bhoomidundubhi                i. Tat
2. Rudra Veena                       ii.Awanaddha
3. Clarionet                             iii. Tat
4. Israj                                     iv. Sushir

1          2          3          4
(A)       i           iv         iii         ii
(B)       ii          i           iii         iv
(C)       ii          i           iv         iii
(D)       iv         i           iii         ii

8. In which Puran the name of Kalpas are based on the notes on music?
(A) Vishnu Puran
(B) Vayu Puran
(C) Brahm Puran
(D) Narad Puran

9. The kakali was related to which note in Bharat age?
(A) Nishad
(B) Gandhar
(C) Shadja
(D) Panchams

10. The place for discussion on music is called in Upnishad as
(A) Shailal
(B) Narashansi
(C) Taragh
(D) Aastav

11. Music in Buddha Age was named as
(A) Gandharv
(B) Gandhabh
(C) Gaandharv
(D) Sangeet

12. The evening Raga based on the notes of Rag Bhairav is
(A) Ahir Bhairav
(B) Nat Bhairav
(C) Gauri
(D) Ramkali

13. Panini has named Orchestra (Vrindavadan) as
(A) Panigh
(B) Turya
(C) Kutap
(D) Aamnay

14. _________ Alankaras Sthai Varnasin Sangeet Ratanakar
(A) 5
(B) 6
(C) 7
(D) 8

15. The Ragas presenting two Angas is ________
(A) Aabhogi
(B) Bhairav
(C) Malkosh
(D) Kaushi Kanhara



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