MCQs on Music -21

1. First person to play Indian Classical Music on Slide Guitar is
(A) Pt. Brij Bhushan Kabra
(B) Pt. Vishva Mohan Bhatt
(C) Pt. Varun Kumar Pal
(D) Nalin Kant Mukherjee

2. Correct Bols of Maseetkhani Gat are
(A) Dir Dir Da Dir Da Ra Da Ra
(B) Da Dir Dir Dir Da Dir Da Ra
(C) Dir Da Dir Da Ra Da Da Ra
(D) Dir Da Dir Da Ra Da Ra Da

3. Ravanhattha is a folk instrument of
(A) Punjab
(B) Kerala
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Rajasthan

4. How many ‘Kakus’ are mentioned in ‘Sangeet Ratnakar’?
(A) 8
(B) 4
(C) 6
(D) 5

5. Which of the following is a famous dance of Manipur?
(A) Navkuchiya
(B) Teratali
(C) Natuvangam
(D) Laiharoba

6. Which of the following is a famous Oddissi dancer?
(A) Sitara Devi
(B) Charan Girdhar
(C) Kumudini Lakhiya
(D) Kelucharan

7. Which term was used for orchestra, in Bharat Muni’s Natyashastra?
(A) Vitat
(B) Mandal
(C) Krushtha
(D) Kutap

8. As per Hindustani Music, what is the required interval between ‘Vadi’ and ‘Samvadi’?
(A) 9/12
(B) 10/14
(C) 9/13
(D) 7/11

9. The conclusive part of ‘Thumri’ is rendered with
(A) Rela
(B) Kayda
(C) Ladi laggi
(D) Jhala

10. Which of the following musician is famous for Thumri?
(A) Saiduddin
(B) Fahimuddin
(C) Riyazuddin
(D) Bindadeen

11. Avirbhav in a raga is meant for which of the following?
(A) Beginning of Raga
(B) Soulful presentation
(C) Reinstatement of Raga
(D) Spiritual presentation

12. What is the length of ‘Shudha Ni’ according to Ahobal, as per the method of placing the swaras on the 36″ wire of veena?
(A) 20″
(B) 27″
(C) 32″
(D) 18″

13. Identify the correct order of tuning the four-string Tanpura:
(A) Madhya Pa, Tar Sa, Tar Sa, Madhya Sa
(B) Mandra Pa, Madhya Sa, Madhya Sa, Mandra Sa
(C) Mandra Pa, Tar Sa, Tar Sa, Mandra Sa
(D) Madhya Pa, Tar Sa, Tar Sa, Mandra Sa

14. Ustad Faiyaz Khan was an artist of
(A) Agra Gharana
(B) Gwalior Gharana
(C) Atrauli Gharana
(D) Bhendi Bazar Gharana

15. Nandikeshwar is the author of
(A) Raga Tatva Vibodh
(B) Raga Rahasya
(C) Rag Darpan
(D) Abhinaya Darpan



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