UGC NET Paper-1 Previous Year Questions on Information & Communication Technology - December 2009

1. Which of the following is not related to information security on the Internet?
(A) Data Encryption
(B) Water marking
(C) Data Hiding
(D) Information Retrieval

2. Which is the largest unit of storage among the following?
(A) Terabyte
(B) Megabyte
(C) Kilobyte
(D) Gigabyte

3. bit stands for
(A) binary information term
(B) binary digit
(C) binary tree
(D) Bivariate Theory

4. Which one of the following is not a linear data structure?
(A) Array
(B) Binary Tree
(C) Queue
(D) Stack

5. Which one of the following is not a network device?
(A) Router
(B) Switch
(C) Hub

6. A compiler is used to convert the following to object code which can be executed
(A) High-level language
(B) Low-level language
(C) Assembly language
(D) Natural language



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