MCQs on Cooperation & Co-operative Societies - 8

1. known as the father of cooperation in England.

(a) Robert Owen 
(b) Dr. William King 
(c) C.R. Fay 
(d) Rochdale Pioneers 

2. Robert Owen was born in 

(a) 14th May 1771
(b) 15th May 1771
(c) 14th May 1881
(d) 15th May 1881

3. ………….. is a voluntary and democratic association of human beings, based on equality of control, opportunity, distribution and mutuality for the promotion of their common interests as producers or consumers.

(a) Organization
(b) Company
(c) Co-operation
(d) Non-profit organization

4. …………… serves as an organizational instrument for the economically weaker producers-farmers, artisans or workers and consumers for strengthening themselves and protecting themselves against the exploitation by the stronger.

(a) Organization
(b) Company
(c) Co-operation
(d) Non-profit organization

5. The word ………… literally means to work together or act together.

(a) Organization
(b) Company
(c) Co-operation
(d) Association

6. The I.C.A appointed a Commission in ………………….. to ascertain how far the principles of the Rochdale as defined by I.C.A in 1937 are observed today and the reasons for any non-observance.

(a) October, 1964
(b) October, 1984
(c) November, 1964
(d) November, 1984

7. The principles of ‘Voluntary Association’ and Democratic Management’ are the guidelines for 

(a) co-operation
(b) capitalism
(c) socialism
(d) trade unionism

8. International Cooperative Alliance was founded by the International Cooperative Congress held in London in 

(a) 1895 
(b) 1875 
(c) 1865 
(d) 1995

9. The …………is the Chief Executive Officer of the ICA.

(a) Director General
(b) President
(c) Vice President
(d) Board

10. The …………… presides over the General assembly and Board of ICA.

(a) Director General
(b) President
(c) Vice President
(d) Board



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