Previous Year Solved Question Papers

Previous Year Solved Question Papers

MCQs on Research Aptitude -22

1. Who authored the book “methods in Social Research”

(a) Wilkinson
(b) CR Kothari
(c) Kerlinger
(d) Goode and Halt

2. “Research is an organized and systematic enquiry” Defined by

(a) Marshall
(b) P.V. Young
(c) Emory
(d) Kerlinger

3. Research is a “Scientific undertaking” opined by

(a) Young
(b) Kerlinger
(c) Kothari
(d) Emory

4. “A systematic step-by-step Procedure following logical process of reasoning” called

(a) Experiment 
(b) Observation 
(c) Deduction 
(d) Scientific method

5. Ethical Neutrality is a feature of

(a) Deduction
(b) Scientific method
(c) Observation
(d) experience

6. Scientific method is committed to ……………….

(a) Objectivity
(b) Ethics
(c) Proposition
(d) Neutrality

7. “One of the methods of logical reasoning process” is called

(a) Induction
(b) Deduction
(c) Research
(d) Experiment

8. An essential Criterion of Scientific study is

(a) Belief
(b) Value
(c) Objectivity
(d) Subjectivity

9. “Reasoning from general to particular “is called

(a) Induction
(b) deduction
(c) Observation
(d) experience

10. “Deduction and induction are a part of system of reasoning” – stated by

(a) Caroline
(b) P.V.Young
(c) Dewey John
(d) Emory

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