Previous Year Solved Question Papers

Previous Year Solved Question Papers

MCQs on Communication -9

1. The CBFC Certificate of ‘U’ means

(A) Under Exhibition 
(B) Unknown Exhibition
(C) Universal Exhibition 
(D) Unrestricted Exhibition

2. BBC stands for ………………….

(A) British Broad Casting Corporation 
(B) Broadened Broad casting Corporation
(C) Bit-by-Bit Broadcasting Corporation 
(D) None of these

3. Wi-Fi Refers to

(A) Width fixture 
(B) Wireless fidelity
(C) Wireless fixture 
(D) Width figure

4. PTI (Press Trust of India) celebrated the Golden Jubilee of it’s inception in the year?

(A) 1999 
(B) 2000
(C) 1995 
(D) 1990

5. What does the Latin Word “Communis” mean?

(A) Commute 
(B) Communication
(C) Common 
(D) None of these

6. VJ stands for Video Jockey, what does DJ stands for?

(A) Disc Jockey 
(B) Drive Jockey
(C) Dude Jockey 
(D) Diffo Jockey

7. The process of filtering messages from source to receive is called?

(A) Hand out 
(B) Degeneration
(C) Gate keeping 
(D) Kinesics

8. Olfactory communication refers to?

(A) Communication by Smell 
(B) Communication by Sound
(C) Communication by Fingers 
(D) Communication by Eyebrows

9. Doordarshan was delinked from All India Radio, in the year?

(A) 1976 
(B) 1970
(C) 1983 
(D) 1980

10. The fundamental Right of freedom of expression is guaranteed in constitution by

(A) Article 19 
(B) Article 120
(C) Article 91 
(D) Article 358

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