MCQs on Photo Journalism - 5

81. Visible spectrum of the light has a wavelength in the range of:
A. 1000 to 4000 Ao 
B. 4000 to 7000 Ao 
C. 7500 to 12500 Ao 
D. 12500 to 30000 Ao
Answer: (B)

82. Luminous flux is:
A. The rate of energy radiation in the form of light waves 
B. The part of light energy radiated from light source
C. Measured in Lux 
D. Both a and c
Answer: (A)

83 . Candela is the unit of:
A. Illumination 
B. Luminous intensity 
C. Luminance 
D. Light energy
Answer: (B)

84. Sky appears to be blue because of:
A. Radiation of light over dust particles 
B. Reflection of light over dust particles
C. Refraction of light over dust particles 
D. Scattering of light over dust particles
Answer: (D)

85. Candle power is:
A. The luminous flux emitted by the source per unit solid angle
B. The part of the light energy radiated by the sun that is received by earth
C. Measured in Lux
D. None of the above
Answer: (B)

86. An object which appears to be red to the eyes absorbs:
A. Blue radiation 
B. Violet radiation
C. Green radiation 
D. Absorbs all the above radiation
Answer: (D)

87. Which of the following colour has the wavelength between blue and yellow:
A. Violet 
B. Orange 
C. Red 
D. Green
Answer: (D)

88. Which of the materials is most commonly used for the filaments in the incandescent lamps:
A. Tungsten 
B. Tin 
C. Silver 
D. Asbestos
Answer: (A)

89. The expected life of an incandescent lamp is about:
A. 100 hours 
B. 200 hours 
C. 500 hours 
D. 1000 hours
Answer: (D)

90. ‘Camera’ is actually a Latin word meaning
A. picture box 
B. room 
C. light box 
D. none of the above
Answer: (B)

91. The world’s first photographic portrait studio was opened in
A. 1840 
B. 1850 
C. 1860 
Answer: (A)

92. The world’s first all electric photographic studio was opened in
A. 1877 
B. 1897 
C. 1917 
D. 1887
Answer: (A)

93. Incident light
A. falls on the subject 
B. is reflected from the subject
C. backlights the subject 
D. None of these
Answer: (A)

94. Who coined the term ‘photography’?
A. Fox Talbot 
B. Nicephore Niepce
C. Sir John Herschel 
D. None of these
Answer: (C)

95. What is a photon?
A. A particle of light energy 
B. A measure of light energy
C. A stream of light energy 
D. None of these
Answer: (A)

96. What type of development process does Kodachrome need?
A. Additive 
B. Subtractive
C. Dye replacement 
D. None of these
Answer: (B)

97. Your print needs 8 seconds at f5.6 (in a diffuser enlarger). You decide to use f11, what is your new exposure?
A. 16 seconds 
B. 24 seconds 
C. 32 seconds 
D. None of these
Answer: (C)

98. What was Roger Fenton famous for?
A. War photography 
B. Founding the Royal Photographic Society?
C. Both 
D. None of these
Answer: (C)

99. When was the first proper flashbulb invented?
A. 1920 
D. None of these
Answer: (B)

100. What is a ‘magic lantern’?
A. a slide projector 
B. an early enlarger 
C. a flashbulb 
D. None of these
Answer: (A)



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