21. In -------------processes, the changes made in the linked object do not reflect and save in the original document.
(A) Linking 
(B) Embedding 
(C) Inserting 
(D) Hyper linking 

22. ----------- allows you to insert mathematical symbols and formulae in the document.
(A) Symbols 
(B) Object 
(C) References 
(D) Table 

23. A cell in a different sheet can be referred using.
(A) (Sheet name). (cell reference) 
(B) (Sheet name) = (cell reference)
(C) (Sheet name), (cell reference) 
(D) (Sheet name) ! (cell reference)

24. To move cursor to the beginning of the document press– 
(B) Page UP 

25. CTRL + Up Arrow moves the cursor– 
(A) One line up 
(B) One paragraph up 
(C) One page up 
(D) One screen up 

26. A key or combination of keys which is ---------- should be assigned as shortcut symbol.
(A) Belongs to the same font family as the symbol 
(B) Already assigned to some task
(C) Unassigned 
(D) Located on the keypad section of keyboard

27. To connect networks of similar protocols, -------- are used.
(A) Routers 
(B) Bridges 
(C) Gateways 
(D) Dial-up routers 

28. ------------- is used to add or put into your document such as a picture or text.
(A) TV 
(B) Squeeze in 
(C) Push in 
(D) Insert 

29. Android is–
(A) Operating system 
(B) Interface 
(C) Software 
(D) A collection of all these

30. The octal equivalent of the binary number 11010101110011112 , is– 
(A) 1521818 
(B) 1527818 
(C) 1531828 
(D) 1527178 

31. Which of the following of are numeric data types?
(A) Array 
(B) Floating point 
(C) Fixed point 
(D) Only (B) and (C) 

32. Internet is ----------- switched network.
(A) Cell 
(B) Circuit 
(C) Message 
(D) Packet 

33. The disks stores information in– 
(A) Tables 
(B) Rows and columns 
(C) Blocks 
(D) Tracks and sectors 

34. An http request contains ------------ parts.
(A) 2 
(B) 5 
(C) 3 
(D) 4 

35. Which of the following is not a software?
(A) ALU 
(B) Microsoft word 
(C) JSP 
(D) PHP 

36. The feature of Word that automatically adjusts the amount of space between certain combination of characters so that an entire word looks more evenly spaced is termed as– 
(A) Spacing 
(B) Kerning 
(C) Positioning 
(D) Scaling 

37. Printed version of document is known as–
(A) Hard Copy 
(B) Soft copy 
(C) Electronic copy 
(D) Only (A) and (B) 

38. If you are stuck on a page of website on Internet explorer and you want to get the update frequently, what will you do?
(A) Refresh button 
(B) Rewind button 
(C) Back button 
(D) Forward button 

39. A data warehouse– 
(A) Contains numerous naming conventions and formats 
(B) Is organized around important subject areas
(C) Contains only current data 
(D) Can be updated by end users

40. To change the name of an Excel worksheet– 
(A) Click on the worksheet tab by holing CTRL key and type a new name 
(B) Add a (?) at the end of file-name while saving the workbook 
(C) Press CTRL + SHIFT keys and new name
(D) Double click at the work-sheet tab and type a new name