1. The process that deals with the technical and management issues of software development is–
(a) Delivery process 
(b) Control process 
(c) Software process 
(d) Testing process 

2. What is not true about computer file?
(a) File is a collection of data or information 
(b) Program file stores programs, where as text file store text
(c) All information stored in a computer must be a file 
(d) A file size can be negative whole number of bytes upto a system limit

3. In the field of computing, cookies are not known as– 
(a) HTTP cookie 
(b) Web cookie 
(c) Browser cookie 
(d) HTML cookie 

4. What does OS stand for in the field of computing and business?
(a) Overall Sale 
(b) Output Surplus 
(c) Operating system 
(d) Oil Surcharge 

5. In computing, what is the process by which a running computer system is restarted without the need to interrupt the power?
(a) Hibernate 
(b) Warm reboot 
(c) Switch user 
(d) Cold reboot 

6. Which of the following enables the server to manage data, users, groups, security, applications, etc. ?
(a) Network operating system 
(b) Internet 
(c) World Wide Web 
(d) LAN 

7. The information of credit and debit card are stored on–
(a) Megnetic strip card 
(b) Mega strip card  
(c) Magnetic information card 
(d) Magnetic data card 

8. Which of the following is associated with Internet?
(a) Home page 
(b) Mouse 
(c) Digitizer 
(d) Dumb terminals 

9. Goods marked with which of the following tags can be tracked electronically?
(a) GPS 
(b) IMD 
(c) ASTM 
(d) RFID

10. Java in computer programming is a–

(a) Compiler 
(b) Hardware Device Driver 
(c) Low-level Language 
(d) High-level Language 

11. Which of the following is not a binary number? 
(a) 01010 
(b) 11111 
(c) 31121 
(d) 00000 

12. FTP is an acronym for– 
(a) File Transaction Protocol 
(b) File Truncation Protocol 
(c) File Translation Protocol 
(d) File Transfer Protocol 

13. Connections to the Internet using a phone line and a modem are called
(a) Digital 
(b) Dial-up 
(c) Broadband 
(d) Dish 

14. Documents converted to ----- can be published to the web. 
(a) A doc file 
(b) HTTP 
(c) machine language 
(d) HTML 

15. What is extension of Microsoft Word document? 
(a) txt 
(b) doc 
(c) ppt 
(d) xls 

16. Outlook Express is a(n)–
(a) protocol 
(b) Search Engine 
(c) Browser 
(d) E-mail Client 

17. Ctrl + n in MS word is used to–
(a) Save document 
(b) Start Paragraph 
(c) Open new document 
(d) Close document 

18. Connections to other documents or to other locations within a website is known as–
(a) Hyper connects 
(b) Plug-ins 
(c) Hyperlinks 
(d) Filters 

19. Checking whether a program functions correctly and then correcting errors, it is known as– 
(a) Error-proofing a program 
(b) Default error-checking 
(c) De-erroring 
(d) Debugging 

20. Single-word reference to viruses, worms etc. is–
(a) Harmware 
(b) Virus 
(c) Phish 
(d) Malware