1. The evaluation of personality is best made through the use of an: 
(a) inventory test
(b) preference test
(c) survey test
(d) projective test

2. The current movement of behavior modification, wherein tokens are awarded for correct responses, is a reflection of:
(a) Herbart’s Five Steps
(b) Lock’s Tabula rasa
(c) Thorndike’s Law of Effect
(d) Thorndike’s Law of Exercise

3. All of the following are true about phobias, except that 
(a) They are generated by an early emotional experience
(b) The sufferer cannot the impulse to avoid them
(c) The sufferer will resort to reckless activities to conceal them 
(d) Acrophobia is a fear of open places agoraphobia is a fear of high places

4. When a pupil’s misbehavior persists even through the teacher punishes the child for each infraction, the teacher is probably practicing a policy of 
(a) retribution
(b) corporal punishment
(c) negative reinforcement
(d) sarcasm

5. According to Dewry, education is a:
(a) Social Need
(b) Personal Need
(c) Psychological Need
(d)Theoretical Need

6. The teaching is not thought as a process of
(a) Directing The Activities Of People.
(b) Listening The Recitation Of Pupils.
(c) Indoctrinating Adult Ideas To Young People
(d) None Of These

7. The major objective of education is:
(a) Reforming The Society 
(b) Making Students Disciplined
(c) Developing Inherent Abilities/Powers Of Students
(d) Making Students Followers Of Teachers

8. Each child grows in its won unique way. The wide individual differences are caused by
(a) Heredity
(c) Environmental Enfluences
(d)All Of These

9. All of the following are advantages of teaching machines except
(a) The Control Of Cheating
(b) Tracking Of Errors
(c) The Insurance Of Attention
(d) Their Universal Use For Different Kinds Of Programmes.

10. A teacher can help adolescent to overcome his special problems, and help him to adjust to the environment. Which of the following attitude, he should not made?
(a) He Should Impart Right Information About Sex.
(b) He Should Redirect The Energies Of The Adolescent To Fruitful Channels Through Sports And Other Constructive Activities.
(c) He Should Have Unsympathetic Attitude Towards Others.
(d) He Should Have Right Information About Sex.

11. Saurabh and Suresh have the same mental age 8-0. We can conclude that
(a) they have the same potential for success in school.
(b) they have the same IQ
(c) their interests are similar
(d) their ability to learn may be quite different

12. A child whose class is in a windowless room may have to be assigned to another class if he/she suffers from
(a) acrophobia
(b) agoraphobia
(c) claustrophobia
(d) hydrophobia

13. Which of the following is true about teaching/teacher?
(a) Teacher Should Work As A Leader In The Class.
(b) Teacher Should Make A Lesson Plan Before Presenting Lesson In The Class.
(c) Teacher Should Maintain A Democratic Atmosphere In The Class
(d)All Of These

14. A teacher learns maximum from
(a) Principal
(b) Books
(c) Students
(d) None of these

15. The self adjective mechanism that teachers often unwittingly encourage is
(a) an attention –getting device
(b) daydreaming 
(c) regression
(d) fantasy