1. All of the following are descriptive of good teaching except that
(a) Creative methods can used to achieve traditional goals
(b) Teachers may fail to achieve satisfactory adjustment of some children despite use of optimum procedures
(c) When given, a punishment should immediately follow the misbehavior
(d) Teachers should refer all children with emotional problems to the guidance counselor

2. A sixth-grade class includes a group of children reading on the fourth-grade level. Of the following, the best material to use with this group is a

(a) fourth-grade basal reader
(b) tape recorder
(c) high interest, low level book of stories
(d) sixth grade workbook

3. How a teacher should behave with the students
(a) General
(b) Father
(c) Friend
(d) Leader

4. If a girl student requests you to collect her posts at your address what would you like to do in this case?
(a) You Would Not Give Permission As It Is Against Your Own Principles
(b) You Will Never Allow Her Suspecting A Foul Game
(c) As A Teacher You Will Allow Her
(d) You Will Permit Her Because You May Get In Touch With Her.

5. The most important task is teaching is
(a) Making Monthly Reports And Maintaining Records
(b) Making Assignments And Hearing Recitations
(c) Directing Students In The Development Of Experience
(d) None Of These

6. The most accurate statement about teaching machines is that
(a) B.F.Skinner Began The Movement For Their Use.
(b) They Were Designed As An Economy Measure To Replace Teachers.
(c) They Are Not As Efficient As Teachers In Reinforcing Responses
(d) They Can Be Used For All Learning Programmes

7. The Dalton Scheme of Education is useful for which one of the following?
(a) For infants
(b) For little children
(c) For older children
(d) For all of these

8. If majority of students in your class is weak you should
(a) Not Care About Intelligent Students
(b) Keep Your Speed Of Teaching  So That Students Comprehension Level May Increase
(c) Keep Your Teaching Slow Which Can Also Be Helpful To Bright Students.
(d) Keep Your Teaching Slow Along With Some Extra Guidance To Bright People

9. For formulating the curriculum, which factor is most important?
(a) Teachers Ability
(b) Children'S Capabilities And Needs 
(c) National Ideology
(d)Social And Cultural Ideals

10. There are so many definitions of learning. Which of the following is most adequate?
(a) The Modification Of Behaviour
(b) The Development Of Skills
(c) The Acquisition And Organisations Of Knowledge
(d)All Of These

11. Which of the following is meant of information collection?
(a) Schedule
(b) Report 
(c) Plan
(d) Scope

12. In the final analysis, teaching must be thought of mainly as a process of
(a) Asking Questions And Evaluating The Learning
(b) Directing The Activities Of Pupils
(c) Hearing Recitation Of Pupils
(d)All Of These

13. Curriculum makers have the most difficulty when:
(a) there is an inflationary cycle
(b) the nature of the student population is changing
(c) parents are participants
(d) teachers unions insist on input

14. A school district has adopted a policy prevents teachers from marking the examinations of their own students. The most valid justification of this policy is that:
(a) teacher favour their pet students
(b) some parents pressure teachers to give their children high marks
(c) teachers should not be in a position to evaluate the results of their own teaching
(d) this is the best way for principals to evaluate how well pupils are learning 

15. A major contribution of the Jesuits to education includes all of the following except:
(a) insistence on well trained teachers
(b) repetition and memorization as teaching methods 
(c) self discipline
(d) concentration on the early education of children