1. Determine the relationship between the pair of words NUMERATOR : DENOMINATOR and then select the pair of words from the following which have a similar relationship :
 (A) fraction : decimal
 (B) divisor : quotient
 (C) top : bottom
 (D) dividend : divisor

2. Find the wrong number in the sequence 
 125, 127, 130, 135, 142, 153, 165
(A) 130 
(B) 142
(C) 153 
(D) 165

3. If HOBBY is coded as IOBY and LOBBY is coded as MOBY; then BOBBY is coded as

4. The letters in the first set have certain relationship. On the basis of this relationship, make the right choice for the second set:
 K/T : 11/20 :: J/R : ?
(A) 10/8 
(B) 10/18
(C) 11/19 
(D) 10/19

5. If A = 5, B = 6, C = 7, D = 8 and so on, what do the following numbers stand for?
 17, 19, 20, 9, 8
 (A) Plane 
 (B) Moped
 (C) Motor 
 (D) Tonga

6. The price of oil is increased by 25%.  If the expenditure is not allowed to increase, the ratio between the reduction in consumption and the original consumption is
(A) 1 : 3 
(B) 1 : 4
(C) 1 : 5 
(D) 1 : 6

7. How many 8’s are there in the following sequence which are preceded by 5 but not immediately followed by 3 ?
 5                6
 5            5
(A) 4 
(B) 5
(C) 7
(D) 3

8. If a rectangle were called a circle, a circle a point, a point a triangle and a triangle a square, the shape of a wheel is
 (A) Rectangle 
 (B) Circle
 (C) Point 
 (D) Triangle

9. If the statement ‘some men are cruel’ is false, which of the following statements/statement are/is true ?
 (i) All men are cruel.
 (ii) No men are cruel.
 (iii) Some men are not cruel.

 (A) (i) and (iii)  
 (B) (i) and (ii)
 (C) (ii) and (iii)
 (D) (iii) only

Questions 10 and 12 are based upon the following diagram in which there are three interlocking circles A, P and S where A stands for Artists, circle P for Professors and circle S for Sports persons. 
 Different regions in the figure are lettered from a to f:

10. The region which represents artists who are neither sportsmen nor professors.
 (A) d
 (B) e
 (C) b
 (D) g

11. The region which represents professors, who are both artists and sports persons. 
 (A) a
 (B) c
 (C) d 
 (D) g

42. The region which represents professors, who are also sportspersons, but not artists.
 (A) e 
 (B) f
 (C) c 
 (D) g