1. If you get an opportunity to teach a visually challenged student along with normal students, what type of treatment would you like to give him in the class ?
 (A) Not giving extra attention because majority may suffer.
 (B) Take care of him sympathetically in the class- room.
 (C) You will think that blindness is his destiny and hence you cannot do anything.
 (D) Arrange a seat in the front row and try to teach at a pace convenient to him.

2. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a good achievement test ?
(A) Reliability 
(B) Objectivity
(C) Ambiguity 
(D) Validity

3. Which of the following does not belong to a projected aid ?
 (A) Overhead projector
 (B) Blackboard
 (C) Epidiascope
 (D) Slide projector

4. For a teacher, which of the following methods would be correct for writing on the blackboard ?
 (A) Writing fast and as clearly as possible.
 (B) Writing the matter first and then asking students to read it.
 (C) Asking a question to students and then writing the answer as stated by them.
 (D) Writing the important points as clearly as possible.

5. A teacher can be successful if he/she 
 (A) helps students in becoming better citizens
 (B) imparts subject knowledge to students
 (C) prepares students to pass the examination
 (D) presents the subject matter in a well organized manner

6. Dynamic approach to teaching means
 (A) Teaching should be forceful and effective
 (B) Teachers should be energetic and dynamic
 (C) The topics of teaching should not be static, but dynamic
 (D) The students should be required to learn through activities