1. The population information is called parameter while the corresponding sample information is known as
(A) Universe
(B) Inference
(C) Sampling design
(D) Statistics

2. The sequential operations in scientific research are
(A) Co-vaiation, Elimination of Spurious Relations, Generalisation, Theorisation
(B) Generalisation, Co-variation, Theorisation, Elimination of Spurious Relations
(C) Theorisation, Generalisation, Elimination of Spurious Relations, Co-variation
(D) Elimination of Spurious Relations, Theorisation, Generalisation, Co-variation.

3. In sampling, the lottery method is used for
(A) Interpretation
(B) Theorisation
(C) Conceptualisation
(D) Randomisation

4. Which is the main objective of research?
(A) To review the literature
(B) To summarize what is already known
(C) To get an academic degree
(D) To discover new facts or to make fresh interpretation of known facts

5. Sampling error decreases with the
(A) Decrease in sample size
(B) Increase in sample size
(C) Process of randomization
(D) Process of analysis

6. The Principles of fundamental research are used in 
(A) Action research
(B) Applied research
(C) Philosophical research
(D) Historical  research