1. A hypothesis is a
(A) law
(B) canon
(C) postulate
(D) supposition

2. Suppose you want to investigate the working efficiency of nationalized bank in India, which one of the following would you follow?
(A) Area Sampling
(B) Multi-stage Sampling
(C) Sequential Sampling
(D) Quota Sampling

3. Controlled group condition is applied in
(A) Survey Research
(B) Historical Research
(C) Experimental Research
(D) Descriptive Research

4. Workshops are meant for
(A) giving lectures
(B) multiple target groups
(C) showcase new theories
(D) hands on training/experience

5. Which one of the following is a research tool?
(A) Graph
(B) Illustration
(C) Questionnaire
(D) Diagram

6. Research is not considered ethical if it
(A) tries to prove a particular point.
(B) does not ensure privacy and anonymity of the respondent.
(C) does not investigate the data scientifically.
(D) is not of a very high standard.