1. The research that aims at immediate application is
 (A) Action Research
 (B) Empirical Research
 (C) Conceptual Research
 (D) Fundamental Research

2. When two or more successive footnotes refer to the same work which one of the following expressions is used ?
(A) ibid 
(B) et.al
(C) op.cit : 
(D) loc.cit.

3. Nine year olds are taller than seven year olds. This is an example of a reference drawn from
 (A) Vertical study
 (B) Cross-sectional study
 (C) Time series study
 (D) Experimental study

4. Conferences are meant for
 (A) Multiple target groups
 (B) Group discussions
 (C) Show-casing new Research
 (D) All the above

5. Ex Post Facto research means
 (A) The research is carried out after the incident
 (B) The research is carried out prior to the incident
 (C) The research is carried out along with the happening of an incident.
 (D) The research is carried out keeping in mind the possibilities of an incident.

6. Research ethics do not include
(A) Honesty 
(B) Subjectivity
(C) Integrity 
(D) Objectivity