1. For maintaining an effective discipline in the class, the teacher should
 (A) Allow students to do what they like.
 (B) Deal with the students strictly.
 (C) Give the students some problem to solve.
 (D) Deal with them politely and firmly.

2. An effective teaching aid is one which
 (A) is colourful and good looking
 (B) activates all faculties
 (C) is visible to all students
 (D) easy to prepare and use

3. Those teachers are popular among students who
 (A) develop intimacy with them
 (B) help them solve their problems
 (C) award good grades
 (D) take classes on extra tuition fee

4. The essence of an effective classroom environment is
 (A) a variety of teaching aids
 (B) lively student-teacher interaction
 (C) pin-drop silence
 (D) strict discipline

5. On the first day of his class, if a teacher is asked by the students to introduce himself, he should
 (A) ask them to meet after the class
 (B) tell them about himself in brief
 (C) ignore the demand and start teaching
 (D) scold the student for this unwanted demand

7. Moral values can be effectively inculcated among the students when the teacher 
 (A) frequently talks about values
 (B) himself practices them
 (C) tells stories of great persons
 (D) talks of Gods and Goddesses