1. The right to free and compulsory education for children between age group of 6 to 14 has been inserted in Indian Constitution as
(A) Article 46
(B) Article 16
(C) Article 45A
(D) Article 21A

2. Disadvantaged sections of society consist of
I. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
II. Women
III. Physically handicapped
IV. Rural people
(A) All the above
(B) Only I, II and III
(C) Only II, III and IV
(D) Only I, II and IV

3. DIET stands for
(A) District Institute of Educational Technology
(B) District Institute of Education and Training
(C) District Institute of Elementary Training
(D) District Institute of Elementary Teachers

4. ERIC which sponsors research projects in education is a unit of

5. As per the NCTE norms the man power required for starting up M.Ed. with a strength of 25 students is
(A) 1 + 4
(B) 1 + 5
(C) 1 + 8
(D) 1 + 9

6. The National flagship programme of education (SSA) aims at
(A) Universalization of Elementary Education
(B) Universalization of Secondary Education
(C) Special Education in Primary Schools
(D) Special Secondary Academic Programs

7. Who have signed MOU for recognition of Teacher Education in Special Education Programme in India?
(C) NCDS and RCI
(D) RCI and NCTE

8. Match the following List – I with List – II in correct order:
List – I                                                                       List – II
a.    Expanded programme of
immunisation implemented in India             1. 1986
b.    National iodine deficiency disorder
 control programme started in India             2. 1978
c.    Child survival and safe mother hood
programme launched in India.                     3. 1993
d.    National nutritional policy was
launched in India                                         4. 1992-93
                                                                    5. 1992
a          b          c          d
(A)       1          4          3          2
(B)       2          1          3          4
(C)       2          1          4          3
(D)       3          2          5          1

9. The mid-day meal programme for Pr. Schools was initiated with a view to
(A) Increase enrolment
(B) Involve community
(C) Engage teachers
(D) Increase the employment

10. VEC under SSA stands for
(A) Village Education Committee
(B) Village Enabling Council
(C) Village Environment Committee
(D) None of the above

11. In which year IGNOU was established?
(A) 1964
(B) 1985
(C) 1992
(D) 2002

12. Which of the following Committee recommended for improvement of Teacher Education Programme?
(A) Reddy Committee
(B) Ramamurti Committee
(C) Yashpal Committtee
(D) Mehrotra Committee

13. The meaning of Universalisation of Primary Education is to provide
(A) Education to all
(B) Education to all girls children
(C) Free and compulsory education to all children
(D) Free and compulsory education to the children of 6 – 14 years age

14. The first Committee to be constituted after independence by the Government of India on Women’s Education was
(A) Dr. Radhakrishnan Commission
(B) The Mudaliar Commission
(C) The Shri Sri Prakasa Committee
(D) Dr. Durgabai Deshmukh Committee

15. MOOC stands for
(A) Massive Online Objective Course
(B) Massive Online Open Course
(C) Massive Open Online Course
(D) Mass Online Open Corse