1. Delinquency is committed by the children of the age group
(A) 8 – 18 years
(B) 6 – 14 years
(C) 7 – 15 years
(D) 9 – 19 years

2. The two basic divisions in Schools of Indian Philosophy are
(A) Vedanta and Buddhism
(B) Advaita and Dwaita
(C) Theistic and Atheistic
(D) Orthodox and Heterodox

3. The ultimate goal of education in Jainism is
(A) Non-violence
(B) Renunciation
(C) Liberation
(D) Philanthropy

4. The ceremony of initiation of education in Buddhism is called
(A) Vidyarambam
(B) Upanayanam
(C) Pabajja
(D) Uparampada

5. Researcher intends to ascertain the attitude of adolescents towards modernization, which one of the following tools is an appropriate one?
(A) Projective Technique
(B) Interview
(C) Likert Scale
(D) Sociometry

 6. Which of the following philosophies are most tilted to individualism?
(A) Jainism
(B) Samkhya
(C) Buddhism
(D) None of these

7. The Rosarch Inkblot test consists of
(A) Five black and five coloured cards
(B) Ten black and ten white cards
(C) Five black and white & five multi-coloured cards
(D) Ten multi-coloured cards

8. Match the following :
List – I (Characteristic)                                 List – II (Philosophy)
I. Learning by doing                                         1. Naturalism
II. Education through Environment                  2. Idealism
III. Realization of truth, beauty and goodness  3. Pragmatism
IV. “World as it is here and now”                    4. Realism
                                                                           5. Existentialism
Code :
      I II III IV
(A) 3 1 2 4
(B) 1 4 2 3
(C) 1 3 2 4
(D) 3 2 4 5

9. “No disinterested pursuit of knowledge and no intellectual education for its own sake” was the slogan of the
(A) Realists
(B) Idealists
(C) Pragmatists
(D) Naturalists

10. Teaching how to respect elders and talk to them is an example of
(A) Social cohesion
(B) Social change
(C) Socialization
(D) Social adjustment

11. Equality of Educational opportunities is possible by
(A) Extending portals of educational institutions to all without any discrimination
(B) Opening more educational institutions
(C) Privatizing the education system in the country
(D) Public funding of Education

12. Children of some minority communities are unable to fully participate in Indian educational institutions because
(A) Minority communities have not been spending on education of their children.
(B) There is exclusion process in educational institutions.
(C) Minority communities lack faith in Indian education system.
(D) Indian educational institutions do not have required infrastructure.

13. “Give me a dozen of healthy children I can make them Doctor, Judge, Beggar and even a Thief” – Comment made by
(A) J.B. Watson
(B) Hull
(C) Jung
(D) Guthrie

14. The IQ of a 25 years old boy, whose mental age 16 will be
(A) 64
(B) 75
(C) 80
(D) 100

15. Which of the following is an incorrect pair ?
(A) Sign Theory of Learning – Tolman
(B) Field Theory of Learning – Lewin
(C) social Learning Theory – Bruner
(D) Trial and Error Theory of Learning – Thorndike