1. The interval between two ‘Shruties’, as compared to the interval between two ‘Swaras’ is 
(A) Less
(B) More
(C) Equal
(D) None of the above

2. A musical scale contains how many shruties according to the ancient scholars?
(A) 20
(B) 24
(C) 22
(D) 21

3. A special method of presenting ‘alap’ in the ancient times is known by which of the following name?
(A) Swasthan
(B) Sargam
(C) Ragmala
(D) Sadra

4. ‘Tirobhava’ in a ‘raga’ is meant for which of the following?
(A) Hiding the main ‘swaroop’ of raga during improvisation by using the swaras of other raga.
(B) Using variety of ‘tanas’ in the presentation.
(C) Using the ‘bol’ of ‘mridangam’ in the composition.
(D) Voice modulation.

5. Tabla player, who composed music for films as A.R. Qureshee?
(A) UstadAllarakha
(B) Ustad Abdul Kareem
(C) UstadAhmedjanThirkawa
(D) UstadAmeerHussain

6. Founder of Banaras Gharana of Tabla
(A) ShardaSahai
(B) KishanMaharaj
(C) Ram Sahai
(D) Janki Prasad

7. GhanaragaPancharatnaKritis are composed by
(A) Swati Thirunal
(B) SyamaShastri
(C) Tyagaraja
(D) Muthuswami Dikshitar

8. Mechkalyani is a
(A) Utharanga raga
(B) Janya raga
(C) Ghana raga
(D) Vakra raga

9. Number of Kharaharapriya in the 72 Melakartha scheme is
(A) 25
(B) 22
(C) 20
(D) 15

10. According to modern ‘shudha’ scale, the frequency of ‘Sa’ is 240, what will be the frequency of ‘shudhamadhyam’?
(A) 270
(B) 288
(C) 320
(D) 360

11. ‘Lakshan Geet’ is a musical form, which describes:
(A) Characteristics of a ‘raga’
(B) Quality of sound
(C) Musicology
(D) Variety of ‘Tanas’

12. Popular Mridangam player
(A) Ambadas Pant Agale
(B) Umyalpuram Shivraman
(C) Tyagaraja
(D) Chitti Babu

13. Sign for Khali in Paluskartaal notation system
(A) X
(B) O
(C) +
(D) Ś

14. In which book does Tagore’s concept of music appear?
(A) Shangeeter Dharma
(B) Sangeet Chiata
(C) Sangeet-O-Bhav
(D) Sangeeter Mukti

15. Which character did Rabindranath portray in the drama ‘Tapoti’?
(A) Kumar Sen
(B) Vikram
(C) Ratneshwar
(D) Devadutta