1. The term ‘Matu’ is used for which of the following?
(A) Mukam
(B) Textual part of a song
(C) Matra
(D) Murki

2. According to ancient scholars the term ‘vipanchi’ was used for which of the following?
(A) Nine string veena
(B) Seven string veena
(C) Twelve string veena
(D) Three string veena

3. As per the method of placement of ‘swaras’ on the 36" wire of veena, what is the place of ‘shudha-madhyam’ according to Pt. Ahobal?
(A) 32"
(B) 18"
(C) 27"
(D) 20"

4. ‘Geer’, ‘Gatu’, ‘Gatha’ and ‘Gayatra’ are used in ‘Rigveda’ as a synonym of
(A) Ganesha
(B) Girdhari
(C) Gayatri
(D) Geet

5. Which are the two main components of ‘Sam Veda’?
(A) Sanyukta – Niryukta
(B) Avahan – Avgahan
(C) Dhankshree – Geetangi
(D) Archik – Gan

6. Which is the correct order for ‘Uddata’, ‘Anuddata’, and ‘Swarita’ respectively?
(A) Lower, middle, upper
(B) Upper, middle, lower
(C) Upper, lower, middle
(D) Middle, upper, lower

7. Famous Rabindra Sangeet composed in Purvi Raga is
(A) Jago mangalo loke
(B) Joto tara tabo aakashe
(C) Kar Milan chao birohi
(D) Amar man mane na

8. Which Nritya Natya is created by Rabindranath to support of Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Harijan Unmulan Andolan’?
(A) Chandalika
(B) Shyama
(C) Shap Mochan
(D) Natir puja

9. The last prabanda which is kept lively even today?
(A) Nowka Charitram
(B) Geetgovindam
(C) Nandanar Charitam
(D) Krishnalila Tarangani

10. Tick the correct order of chronology of the following:
(A) Geet Govind, Natyashastra, Sangeet Ratnakar
(B) Sangeet Ratnakar, Natyashastra, Geet Govind
(C) Natyashastra, Geet Govind, Sangeet Ratnakar
(D) Natyashastra, Sangeet Ratnakar, Geet Govind

11. The modulation of voice is expressed through
(A) Kaku
(B) Laya
(C) Bandish
(D) Tala

12. What is the interval between Madhyam and Tar Shadaj?
(A) 2: 3
(B) 3: 4
(C) 4: 5
(D) 8: 9

13. Who is the author of “Music of Hindustan”?
(A) William Jones
(B) N. Augustus Williard
(C) E. Clementz
(D) Fox Strangeways

14. Name the famous musicologist
(A) Kishori Amonkar
(B) Prabha Atre
(C) Pt. Jasraj
(D) B.C. Deva

15. What is the name of Odav Scale in western music?
(A) Heptatonic Scale
(B) Hexatonic Scale
(C) Natural Scale
(D) Pentatonic scale