MCQs on Music -8

1. Value of Plut
(A) 1 matra
(B) 3 matra
(C) 5 matra
(D) 7 matra

2. Which is the vocal range of women?
(A) Alto
(B) Bass
(C) Tenor
(D) Baritone

3. This is the subjective art.
(A) Music
(B) Poetry
(C) Architecture
(D) Literature

4. Which is the chief component of formulating a methodology of music teaching?
(A) Preparation of Question paper
(B) Evaluation
(C) Formulation of syllabus
(D) Applied theory

5. The first stage in the development of musical scale is known as
(A) Gathik period
(B) Saminogayanam
(C) Ekasvaragayanam
(D) Aranyaka period

6. The existence of 22 srutis of the present day classical music was first devised by
(A) Dattilla
(B) Somnath
(C) Bharata
(D) Ramamatya

7. Select the correct pair from the following:
(A) Rabindranath’s Uncle Prince Dwarkanath Tagore
(B) Rabindranath’s Brother Satyendranath Tagore
(C) Rabindranath’s Cousin Rathindranath Tagore
(D) Rabindranath’s Son Maharshi Devendranath Tagore

8. Which taal is usually played in Tappa Gayaki?
(A) Deepchandi
(B) Trital
(C) Punjabi
(D) Dhamar

9. National Song of Bangladesh composed in Bhatiyali style by Rabindranath Tagore is
(A) Basante Ki Sudhu
(B) Gram Chara ooi rangamatir path
(C) Amar Sonar Bangla
(D) Bhidhir Bandhon Bandhbe

10. Rabindranath used which nickname to compose Vaishnav padavali?
(A) Sri Singh
(B) Madhu Singh
(C) Bhanu Singh
(D) Ram Singh

11. The rustic band Naiyandi Melam is used in the folk form
(A) Lavani
(B) Kaikottikkali
(C) Pinnal Kolattam
(D) Dummy horse show

12. The raga Madhuvanti is a
(A) Audava Sampurna raga
(B) Shadava Sampurna raga
(C) Sampurna Shadava raga
(D) Audava Shadava raga

13. Samvadi swaras are separated by an interval of
(A) Seven or twelve srutis
(B) Six or twelve srutis
(C) Eight or twelve srutis
(D) Five or twelve srutis

14. Matras of Tisra triputa tala is equal to which tala of Hindustani music?
(A) Rupak
(B) Teental
(C) Dadra
(D) Keharva

15. Title of the 3rd chapter of Sangita Ratnakara is
(A) Prakirnaka Adhyay
(B) Prabandha Adhyay
(C) Ragaviveka Adhyay
(D) Narttana Adhyay



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