MCQs on Music -9

1. Which Sitar Player does not belong to Etawa Gharana from the following?
(A) Ustad Imdad Khan
(B) Ustad Inayat Khan
(C) Ustad Halimzafar Khan
(D) Ustad Vilayat Khan

2. Maseetkhani Gat’s Mukhada starts from
(A) Eleventh Beat
(B) Twelveth Beat
(C) Thirteenth Beat
(D) Fourteenth Beat

3. ‘Ga Ma Dha Dha Pa’ belongs to which Raga?
(A) Todi
(B) Bhairav
(C) Marva
(D) None of these

4. Farad is related to
(A) Quaida
(B) Peshkar
(C) Gat
(D) Paran

5. String instrument, which used as laya vadya
(A) Swar Mandal
(B) Upang
(C) Rabab
(D) Israj

6. The old name of the Taal ‘Adachautala’
(A) Triput Taal
(B) Jhampa Taal
(C) Math Taal
(D) Champak Taal

7. Which one of the following scale is used in folk and classical music both?
(A) Sa Re M |a Pa Ni S ×a
(B) Sa Re Ga M |a Dha Ni S ×a
(C) Sa Re Ga M |a Pa Dha Ni S ×a
(D) Sa Re Ga Pa Dha S ×a

8. Ateet-Anagat are related with
(A) Kriya
(B) Jati
(C) Anga
(D) Graha

9. Book Authored by Swami Haridas
(A) Brij Bhairav
(B) Sangeet Dhrupad
(C) Kelimal
(D) Rasa Nikunj

10. Dattatry Veena player is
(A) Gopal Krishna
(B) Matanga
(C) Nanapanse
(D) Swami D.R. Parwatikar

11. An art form in which least tools are required is considered to be the best art form. From this point of view, which of the following is the best art form?
(A) Sculpture
(B) Painting
(C) Architecture
(D) Music

12. Which one of the following statement is correct?
(A) Hindustani classical music is a completely precomposed music which does not provide space for improvisation.
(B) ‘Jati Gayan’ is the main musical form of modern Hindustani classical music.
(C) Hindustani Classical Music provides sufficient space for the imagination of an artist within the discipline of Raga.
(D) Hindustani Classical Music does not have a definite ‘Tala System.

13. Kishori Amon kar is a leading vocalist of which of the following ‘Gharana’?
(A) Agra
(B) Gwalior
(C) Kirana
(D) Jaipur

 14. Composition played in the beginning of tabla solo playing
(A) Quaida
(B) Rela
(C) Peshkar
(D) Gat

15. Writer of the book “Table Par Dilli Aur Poorab”
(A) Bhagwat Prasad
(B) Bhagwan Das Sharma
(C) Satyanarayan Vasishtha
(D) Bhagwat Sharan Sharma



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