1. The Managerial Grid was given by
(A) Rensis Likert
(B) Kurt Lewin
(C) Hersey Blanchard
(D) Blake and Mouton

2. Who has propounded the system concept of industrial relations? Find out from the following:
(A) L. N. Allen Flander
(B) L. N. Flax
(C) John T. Dunlop
(D) Neil N. Chamberlein

3. Which of the following is not a tripartite body?
(A) Works Committee
(B) I. L. O
(C) Indian Labour Conference
(D) Wage Boards

4. Induction is viewed as
(A) Socializing process
(B) Belongingness
(C) Feel at home
(D) All the above

5. Match the following:
Approaches to HRD                                           Propagator
a. Human Capital Approach                          i. UNDP
b. Socio Psychological Approach                 ii. Human Development Report of the UN
c. Poverty Alleviation Approach                   iii. T.W. Schultz
d. World Human Development Approach.   iv. David McClelland

a          b          c          d
(A)      iii         iv         ii          i
(B)      ii          iv         i           iii
(C)     iv         iii         i           ii
(D)     iii         ii          i           iv

6. Who advocated the theory Z?
(A) Douglas Murray McGregor
(B) William Ouchi and Price
(C) John Galbraith
(D) Jerdee and Caroll

7. Which one is an underlying value in OD efforts?
(A) Profit maximization by hook or crook.
(B) Coercing the people
(C) Trust and support
(D) Resorting to short cut methods

8. Which of the following is not a traditional model of outsourcing?
(A) Transactional outsourcing
(B) Functional outsourcing
(C) Operational outsourcing
(D) Utility outsourcing

9. The ‘force-field analysis’ model of organisational change resistance was advanced by
(A) Abraham Maslow
(B) Douglas McGregor
(C) Kurt Lewin
(D) Chris Argyris

10. Which of the following is not a segment of David McClleland’s Theory of Needs?
(A) Need for Self Actualization
(B) Need for Achievement
(C) Need for Affiliation
(D) Need for Power

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