1. Which of the following is the meaning of ‘Golden handshake’?

(A) It is a bribe.
(B) It is a gift.
(C) It is a gratis.
(D) It is a compensation.

2. Which of the following Federations is associated with International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)?


3. Which of the following can be said to be an Employers’ Association in India?

(A) Chambers of Commerce
(B) Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
(C) All India Sugar Mills Employers’ Association
(D) All the above

4. Which of the following strikes are not authorised by Union?

(A) Quickie Strike
(B) Lightning Strike
(C) Wild-Cat Strike
(D) All the above

5. Which of the following legislations deals with collective bargaining in USA?

(A) Labour Management Relations Act
(B) Landrum Griffin Act
(D) None of the above

6. Which of the following statements about Economic Reforms in India is not true?

(A) Economic reforms were initiated in July 1991
(B) The balance of payment crisis led to the hurried introduction of Economic reforms
(C) LPG were the three components of Economic reforms
(D) It had least impact on the human resources management

7. Rationalization of human resource means

(A) only downsizing
(B) only increasing the manpower strength
(C) right sizing
(D) skill enhancement only

8. Name the economist turned Finance Minister, who initiated economic reforms in India?

(A) P. Chidambaram
(B) Manmohan Singh
(C) Pranab Mukherjee
(D) Yashwant Sinha

9. Kim Cameron defines ‘downsizing’ as a set of activities undertaken on the part of management and designed to improve organizational efficiency, productivity and/or competitiveness. It represents a strategy implemented by managers that affects the size of firm’s workforce, the costs and the work processes.”

From this definition which one is not true?

(A) To improve organizational efficiency
(B) Strategic decision of management
(C) Trade Union approved action plan
(D) Affects the size of firms’ workforce, costs and work processes

10. In USA, the Labour Management Relations Act (Taft Hartley Act) was enacted in:

(A) 1937
(B) 1947
(C) 1957
(D) 1967