1. Expand ICFO

(a) International Cooperative Fisheries Organisation
(b) International Cooperative Financing Organisation
(c) International cooperative Finance Organisation
(d) International Cooperative Food Organisation

2. Expand ICFTU

(a) International confederation of Free Trade Unions
(b) International Conference of Finance in Trade Unions
(c) International Conference of Financing Tourism Unions
(d) International Confederation of Free Tour Unions

3. The Deccan Agriculturists’ Relief Act was passed in 

(a) 1879 
(b) 1889 
(c) 1979 
(d) 1909

4. The Land Improvement Loans Act was passed in

(a) 1983 
(b) 1883 
(c) 1873 
(d) 1884

5. The Agriculturists Loan Act was passed in 

(a) 1983 
(b) 1883 
(c) 1873 
(d) 1884

6. The Madras Government sent……………….for studying the cooperative movements in European countries.

(a) Sir Federik Nicholson
(b) Sir Edward Law
(c) Dr. William King
(d) Sir Maclagan

7. In …………….the National Cooperative Development Corporation(NCDC) was established for strengthening the cooperative activities.

(a) 1961 
(b) 1962 
(c) 1963 
(d) 1964

8. Expand NCDC

(a) National Cooperative Development Corporation
(b) National Cooperative Dairy Corporation
(c) National Consumers Development Corporation
(d) National Consumers Dairy Cooperative

9. In the ……………….five year plan the All India Rural Credit Review Committee was set up.

(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third
(d) Fourth

10. In 1970 the Reserve bank of India set up the ………………for the review of rural credit system.

(a) All India Rural Credit Review Committee
(b) National Cooperative Development Corporation
(c) Committee of Direction of the Rural Credit Survey
(d) All of the above

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