1.The Constitution of India contains -------- articles

(a) 448
(b) 395
(c) 410
(d) 380

2.Which constitution is the longest written constitution of any independent country in the world

(a) Constitution of USA
(b) Constitution of India
(c) Constitution of Britain
(d) Constitution of Canada

3. How many women members were in the Constituent Assembly 

(a) 12
(b) 10
(c) 15
(d) 18

4. The idea of a constituent assembly for India was proposed by 

(a) Motilal Nehru
(b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) C R Das
(d) Manabendra Nath Roy

5. The original copy of the Constitution of India was 

(a) Typeset 
(b) Printed
(c) Handwritten
(d) None of the above

6. The original copy of the Constitution of India was handwritten and calligraphed in 

(a) Sanskrit
(b) English
(c) Hindi
(d) Both English and Hindi

7. The original copies of the Constitution of India are kept in special helium-filled cases in

(a) the personal custody of President of India
(b) the Library of Supreme Court of India
(c) the Library of the Parliament of India
(d) None of the above

8. The Federal features of the Indian Government was taken from 

(a) Government of India Act, 1919
(b) Indian Independence Act, 1947
(c) Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946
(d) Government of India Act, 1935

9. The beginning word ‘WE’ in the Preamble refers to the

(a) Citizens of India
(b) People of India
(c) All adult people in India
(d) All people above 25 years

10. The important test to identify the basic features of the Indian Constitution is

(a) Directive Principles of State Policy
(b) Preamble
(c) Fundamental rights
(d) Fundamental duties

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