1. The Kothari Commission's report was entitled on:
(A) Education and National Development
(B) Learning to be adventure
(C) Diversification of Education
(D) Education and socialization in democracy

2. Which of the following is not a Dualmode University?
(A) Delhi University
(B) Bangalore University
(C) Madras University
(D) Indira Gandhi National Open University

3. Which part of the Constitution of India is known as "Code of Administrators”?
(A) Part I
(B) Part II
(C) Part III
(D) Part IV

4. Which article of the constitution provides safeguards to Naga Customary and their social practices against any act of Parliament?
(A) Article 371 A
(B) Article 371 B
(C) Article 371 C
(D) Article 263

5. Which one of the following is not the tool of good governance?
(A) Right to information
(B) Citizens' Charter
(C) Social Auditing
(D) Judicial Activism