1. Deforestation during the recent decades has led to:
(A) Soil erosion
(B) Landslides
(C) Loss of bio-diversity
(D) All the above

2. Which one of the following natural hazards is responsible for causing highest human disaster?
(A) Earthquakes
(B) Snow-storms    
(C) Volcanic eruptions
(D) Tsunami

3. Which one of the following is appropriate for natural hazard mitigation?
(A) International AID
(B) Timely Warning System
(C) Rehabilitation
(D) Community Participation

4. Slums in metro-city are the result of:
(A) Rural to urban migration
(B) Poverty of the city-scape
(C) Lack of urban infrastructure
(D) Urban-governance

5. The great Indian Bustard bird is found in:
(A) Thar Desert of India
(B) Coastal regions of India
(C) Temperate Forests in the Himalaya
(D) Tarai zones of the Himalayan Foot