1. ‘M’ a quack, an uneducated in matters of surgery, had performed an operation on a man for internal piles with the help of ordinary Knife, unlike previous occasions, for which the man died due to hemorrhage. Decide on ‘M’’s liability.

(i) ‘M’ is a recognised quack and hence not liable.
(ii) ‘M’’s profession is not legally acceptable hence liable.
(iii) ‘M’ is not liable because the man consented for such operation.
(iv) ‘M’ is not liable because it was a post – operational syndrome

The probable answer is:

(A) Statement (i) is correct
(B) Statement (ii) is correct
(C) Statement (iii) is correct
(D) Statement (iii) and (iv) are correct

2. Fill in the gap.

‘P’ in support of a just claim of ‘Q’ has stated against ‘Z’, for a sum of Rupees one thousand and falsely sweared on a trial that he heard ‘Z’ admitted as to the just claim of ‘Q’.

The court decides that it was an affirmation of ________.

(A) Statement of truth
(B) False evidence
(C) Making a declaration
(D) None of them

3. P, owner of a car, asked his friend Q to drive the car to Bombay where he would join him. As the car was about five kilometres from Bombay, it hit a pedestrian R, on account of Q’s negligent driving and injured him seriously. R sued P for damages. In this case:

(A) P is not liable.
(B) The liability is solely of Q, as P was not accompanying him.
(C) Since Q was driving P’s car was under his authority, P is liable.
(D) P has the defence of inevitable accident.

4. “If it was lawful act, however ill the motive might be, the defendant had a right to do it.” This observation was made by the court in one of the following cases:

(A) Mayor of Bradford Corporation Vs. Pickles
(B) Ashby Vs. White
(C) Christie Vs. Davey
(D) Hollywood Silver Fox Farm Ltd. Vs. Emmet

5. Adultery by a Hindu husband is

(A) Ground of divorce only
(B) Not a ground of divorce
(C) Ground of judicial separation
(D) None of the above

6. ‘A’ marries ‘B’, the widow of the elder brother. The marriage is

(A) Valid
(B) Void
(C) Voidable
(D) None of the above

7. Marriage with an impotent and has not been consummated. The marriage is

(A) Valid
(B) Void
(C) Nullity
(D) Irregular

8. ‘Khula’ is a form of divorce by

(A) Sale
(B) Purchase
(C) Agreement
(D) Coercion

9. Muta marriage could not be dissolved

(A) Ipso facto by the efflux of the period
(B) By death
(C) By divorce
(D) By Hiba-i-Mudat

10. By which of the following way a Muslim marriage can be dissolved by a Muslim husband?

(A) Talaq
(B) Illa
(C) Zihar
(D) Above all

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