1. Who has given the ‘expectancy theory’ of Motivation?

(A) Abraham Maslow
(B) Victor Vroom
(C) Frederick Herzberg
(D) Clayton Adler

2. The categories of human process, techno structural, human resources management and strategic applications are related to:

(A) Change management
(B) O. D. application
(C) Training
(D) Action research

3. _____ set guidelines regarding safety practices at work.

(A) Equal employment laws
(B) Occupational safety and health laws
(C) Labor laws
(D) Advertising regulations

4. Which one is not a part of McKinsy’s 7‘s’ framework?

(A) Systems
(B) Strategy
(C) Standards
(D) Style

5. Which of the following HR activities may be outsourced to specialist service providers?

a. administration of pension plans
b. employee assistance/ counseling plans
c. retirement planning
d. background checks


(A) a, b & c
(B) a, b & d
(C) b, c & d
(D) a, b, c & d

6. Companies may use a(n) _____ to provide employees with a single access point or gateway on a company’s intranet to all human resource information.

(A) database
(B) HR portal
(C) data warehouse

7. The change in specialization and integration in organization context is called:

(A) Co-ordination
(B) Co-operation
(C) Organizational restructuring
(D) Feedback

8. Which one is a part of performance measurement?

(A) Trait
(B) Behaviour
(C) Outcome
(D) All the above

9. Which of the following is a single use plan?

(A) Budget
(B) Rule
(C) Procedure
(D) Policy

10. The basic role of policy is

(A) To provide guidelines for action
(B) To set procedures
(C) To give direction for motivation
(D) To prescribe methods