1. Which of the following is method of Union recognition?

(A) Secret Ballot
(B) Membership Verification
(C) Check-off System
(D) All the above

2. Who coined the term ‘informal sector’?

(A) Keith Davis
(B) Amartya Sen
(C) Mahabub Ul Haq
(D) Keith Hart

3. Reducing the number of employees at operational level and reorganizing the work system in order to attain greater productivity.

(A) Downsizing
(B) Manpower inventory
(C) Manpower forecasting
(D) All the above

4. Which of the following is not a method of social security?

(A) Social Assistance
(B) Social Action
(C) Social Insurance
(D) Mutual Assistance

5. Which test assesses an individual's achievement and motivational levels?

(A) Thurstone Temperament Survey 
(B) Minnesota Multiphasic Personality
(C) Thematic Apperception Test
(D) Guilford - Zimmerman Temperament Survey

6. In __________, the interviewer uses pre-set standardised questions which are put to all applicants.

(A) Unstructured interview
(B) Structured interview
(C) Behavioural interview
(D) Mixed interview

7. When an organization outsources the responsibilities for the end-to-end delivery of the recruitment/selection process covering all vacancies is

(A) Recruitment process and screening
(B) Business process and screening
(C) Knowledge process and screening
(D) All the above

8. Lean production aims at:

(A) Continuous improvement
(B) Aim at zero defects
(C) Just-in-time inventory system
(D) All of the above

9. Which one is not of Michael Porters five force model of industry analysis?

(A) Threat of new entrants
(B) Substitutes
(C) Intensity of rivalry among existing players
(D) Cost leadership

10. AB Corp streamlined its annual benefits package enrollments by digitizing and aggregating the former paper benefits reports, electronic spreadsheets, and benefit summaries and providing the materials at a single location on the company intranet. AB Corp is using a(n) _____.

(A) database
(B) HR portal
(C) data warehouse
(D) customer relationship management system