1. “Labour is not a commodity” – is the assertion made by

(A) The Declaration of Philadelphia adopted by 26th session of ILO
(B) The Magna Carta
(C) The Constitution of India
(D) The International Labour Conference

2. The systematic process of making job valuation determinations about a job based upon its content and the way is which it actually functions within the organization is called:

(A) Job Determination
(B) Job Analysis
(C) Job Evaluation
(D) Job Grading

3. Who is regarded as the father of Scientific Management?

(A) Albert Bandura
(B) Louis D. Brandies
(C) Frederick Winslow Taylor
(D) Elton Mayo

4. The Principle of Equifinality operates

(A) Within the internal environment
(B) Within the external environment
(C) Without environment
(D) Hostile environment

5. Max Weber developed a theory of

(A) Autocratic Management
(B) Democratic Management
(C) Bureaucratic Management
(D) Free Style Management

6. Ten ‘C’ model of HRM architect was advanced by

(A) Katz and Kahn
(B) Alan Price
(C) Chester I. Bernard
(D) Max Weber

7. Which of the following statements about Organizational Behaviour is wrong?

(A) It is an inter-disciplinary subject.
(B) It believes that individual, group and organization are subsystems of OB.
(C) Its explanation finds roots in systems as well as contingency theories.
(D) It deals only with prediction of human behaviour at work.

8. Match the following concepts of OB with their proponents:

List – I
(Concept of OB)
List – II

a. Classical Conditioning
i. Albert Bandura
b. Operant Conditioning
ii. Ivan Pavlov
c. Social Learning Theory
iii. Sigmund Freud
d. Psycho Analytical Theory
iv. B.F. Skinner
       a          b        c         d
(A)  ii           i        iii          ii
(B)  iii         iv        ii           i
(C)  ii          iv        i          iii
(D)  ii          iii        i           ii

9. Cultural Diversity explained by Greet Hofstede has four components. Which of the following is not a part of it?

(A) Individualism vs. Collectivism
(B) Power Distance
(C) Uncertainty Avoidance
(D) Quality vs. Quantity of Life

10. Who is associated with the ‘illumination experiment’ of the Hawthorne Experiment?

(A) Elton Mayo
(B) George A. Pennock
(C) F. J. Roethlisberger
(D) None of the above

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