1. The systematic process of making job valuation determinations about a job based upon its content and the way is which it actually functions within the organization is called:

(A) Job Determination
(B) Job Analysis
(C) Job Evaluation
(D) Job Grading

2. Sensitivity training is also known as:

(A) X- group training
(B) Y – group training
(C) T – group training
(D) Core group training

3. In which public sector organization quality circles was first introduced in India.

(A) Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.
(B) Bharath Earth Movers Ltd.
(C) Bharath Heavy Electricals Ltd.
(D) Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd.

4. In which company ‘Six Sigma’ was first experimented?

(A) Toyota
(B) Motorola
(C) Sony
(D) Ford

5. Which of the following organizations coordinates and controls the working of voluntary welfare agencies in India?

(A) ESI Corporation
(B) EPF Organisation
(C) Central Social Welfare Board
(D) Chief Labour Commissioner (Central)

6. What is the name of the experiment which marked the beginning of Labour Welfare?

(A) Hawthorne Experiment
(B) New Lamark Experiment
(C) Philadelphia Experiment
(D) Mule Spinning Department Experiment

7. Which are not the characteristics of grievances?

(A) Factual
(B) Fabricated
(C) Disguised
(D) Imaginary

8. Match the following:

List – I
List – II

(a) Industrial employment Standing orders Act
(i) 1948
(b) Industrial Disputes Act
(ii) 1926
(c) Factories Act
(iii) 1947
(d) Trade Unions Act
(iv) 1946

     (a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) (iii) (ii) (iv) (i)
(B) (iv) (ii) (i) (iii)
(C) (ii) (i) (iv) (iii)
(D) (iv) (iii) (i) (ii)

9. In which of the following we notice under-employment in a large measure?

(A) Coal Industry
(B) Textile Industry
(C) Banking
(D) Agriculture

10. Which of the following components is not true as a part of unemployment definition?

(A) Physically fit to work
(B) Mentally fit to work
(C) Ability to discharge the work most efficiently
(D) But, unable to find work

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