1. Who explored the first Harappan site?

(A) Sir John Marshall
(B) Daya Ram Sahani
(C) R.D. Banerji
(D) M. Wheeler

2. How were the Harappan seals manufactured?

(A) By Cutting
(B) By Moulding
(C) By Punching
(D) By Casting

3. Who noticed the ruins of Harappa for the first time?

(A) M. Wheeler
(B) Sir. John Marshall
(C) Charles Mason
(D) Daya Ram Sahni

4. Which Harappan Civilization site has yielded the evidence of rice cultivation?

(A) Lothal
(B) Kalibangan
(C) Mohenjodaro
(D) Kot Diji

5. The most common disease from which the Harappans are stated to have suffered was:

(A) Arthritis
(B) Jaundice
(C) Malaria
(D) Diabetics

6. Consider the following about the Harappans:

(1) They worshipped the mother goddess.
(2) They did not worship the trees.
(3) They used the copper tools.
(4) They used the iron tools.

Of the above statements, which are correct?

(A) (1) and (3)
(B) (2) and (4)
(C) (3) and (4)
(D) (4) and (1)

7. Consider the following about untouchability:

(1) It was prevalent in the Harappan culture.
(2) It has no reference in the Rigveda.
(3) It was not used for many castes in the post-Gupta period.
(4) The Chinese pilgrims mention it.
Of the above statements, which are not correct?

(A) (1) & (3)
(B) (2) & (4)
(C) (3) & (4)
(D) (4) & (1)

8. One of the following Harappan culture sites is noticed in the Gangatic Doab:

(A) Kalibangan
(B) Alamgirpur
(C) Ropar
(D) Lothal

9. Which of the Harappan sites have yielded the evidence of paddy?

i. Harappa
ii. Mohenjodaro
iii. Lothal
iv. Rangpur

Select the correct answer from the codes below:

(A) i and ii
(B) ii and iii
(C) iii and iv
(D) i, ii and iii

10. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answers from the code given below the lists:

List – I
(Harappan sites)
List – II

a. Alamgirpur
1. Gujarat
b. Rakhigarhi
2. Haryana
c. Rangpur
3. Punjab
d. Ropar
4. Uttar Pradesh

       a b c d
(A) 1 3 4 2
(B) 4 2 1 3
(C) 3 1 2 4
(D) 4 2 3 1

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