1. Which of the following is/are part(s) of classified catalogue ?

(A) An author-title file
(B) Subject file arranged by library classification
(C) An alphabetical index to the subject file
(D) All of the above

2. The main components of an RFID system include

(A) Handheld Reader, RFID label printer, server and External book return
(B) RFID tags, readers or sensors, Antenna and server
(C) RFID label printer, sensors, antenna and server
(D) RFID tags, server, external book return, sensors

3. Which of the following is not the component of a search engine ?

(A) Spider
(B) Index
(C) Search of retrieval mechanism
(D) Natural language technique

4. ‘Communities’ is a component of following digital library software

(B) D space
(C) Fedora
(D) i-core

11. The concept of ‘Reference Service’ is given by

(A) J.H. Shera
(B) A. Strauss
(C) S.R. Ranganathan
(D) Samuel Green

6. Dictionary of National Biography (DNB) contains biography of prominent people of

(A) All nations
(B) Europeans
(C) Americans
(D) Britishers

7. The “citation indexes” are now available online as

(A) Web of Science
(C) Scopus

8. Which among the following is free Audio book site ?

(A) Ebrary
(B) Virtua
(C) Librivox
(D) Google Books

9. The online version of ‘McGraw Hill Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology’ is

(A) Access Science
(B) McGraw Hill Online
(C) Online Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology
(D) Science online

10. ‘Indian National Bibliography’ is arranged under two parts, General Publication and _____ Publications.

(A) Private
(B) Electronic
(C) Governmental
(D) Non-book

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