MCQs on Computer Networking - 5

1. If the route from I to J is computed in advance, off line, and downloaded to the routers when the network is booted is called as ……………….

(A) Dynamic routing
(B) Session routing
(C) Temporary routing
(D) Static routing

2. The method of network routing where every possible path between transmitting and receiving DTE is used is called ……………

(A) Random Routing
(B) Packet Flooding
(C) Directory Routing
(D) Message Switching

3. When routers are being inundated by packets that they cannot handle, they just throw them away is known as ……………….

(A) Jitter control
(B) Random early detection
(C) Choke packets
(D) Load shedding

4. If all devices are connected to a central hub, then topology is called

(A) Bus Topology
(B) Ring Topology
(C) Star Topology
(D) Tree Topology

5. In FDDI, data normally travel on ..................

(A) The primary ring
(B) The Secondary ring
(C) Both rings
(D) Neither ring

6. To use a ...................... network service, the service user first establishes a connection, uses the connection, and terminates the connection. 

(A) connection-oriented
(B) connection-less
(C) service-oriented
(D) service-less

7. Another name for Usenet is 

(A) Gopher
(B) Newsgroups
(C) Browser

8. Why probe packets are transmitted in the network?

(A) to know about the capacity of the channel
(B) to count the number of host in the network
(C) to know about efficiency of the routing algorithm
(D) to know about the congestion

9. Which address is used in an internet employing the TCP/IP protocols?

(A) physical address and logical address
(B) port address
(C) specific address
(D) all of the mentioned

10. Which one of the following is not a function of network layer?

(A) routing
(B) inter-networking
(C) congestion control
(D) none of the mentioned

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