1. The address field of a frame in HDLC protocol contains the address of the ……………… station.

(A) primary
(B) secondary
(C) tertiary
(D) a station

2. In AODV routing algorithm for MANETs, the route is discovered at time

(A) only when the network is established
(B) in middle of the transmission
(C) when there is a need for route by the host
(D) when there is no need for route by the host

3. Flow control policy is implemented in ………………….

(A) network layer
(B) transport layer
(C) application layer
(D) physical layer

4. A communication device that combines transmissions from several I/O devices into one line is a 

(A) Concentration        
(B) Modifier
(C) Multiplexer
(D) Full duplex file

5. The ............ layer change bits onto electromagnetic signals.

(A) Physical
(B) Transport
(C) Data Link
(D) Presentation

6. Which layer provides the services to user?

(A) application layer
(B) session layer
(C) presentation layer
(D) none of the mentioned

7. The data link layer takes the packets from _____ and encapsulates them into frames for transmission.

(A) network layer
(B) physical layer
(C) transport layer
(D) application layer

8. In distance vector routing algorithm, the routing tables are updated …………………

(A) by exchanging information with the neighbours
(B) automatically
(C) using the backup database
(D) by the server

9. Which one of the following algorithm is not used for congestion control?

(A) traffic aware routing
(B) admission control
(C) load shedding
(D) none of the mentioned

10. Which one of the following task is not done by data link layer?

(A) framing
(B) error control
(C) flow control
(D) channel coding

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