1. Sociometry is a tool to measure child’s

(A) Intelligence level
(B) Behaviour problems
(C) Relationship with peers
(D) Relationship with parents

2. There must be alteration between active play and

(A) Group play
(B) Quiet play
(C) Solitary play
(D) Parallel play

3. To avoid diaper rash:

I. Change wet diapers immediately.
II. Use soft pants on diapers
III. Avoid using diapers till rashes disappear
IV. Clean and dry the area before putting a fresh diaper.


(A) I and II are correct.
(B) I and IV are correct.
(C) I, III and IV are correct.
(D) II and IV are correct.

4. A clear fluid diet supplies

(A) Only carbohydrates and calories
(B) Only minerals and vitamins
(C) Only proteins and carbohydrates
(D) Both (A) & (B)

5. Which of the following is not a hand printing technique?

(A) Duplex
(B) Screen
(C) Block
(D) Stencil

6. Which of the following garment finishers is used for finishing number of garments together?

(A) Form press
(B) Tunnel
(C) Buck Press
(D) Die Press

7. Electromyography is a method used for measuring

(A) Muscle fatigue
(B) Electric phenomenon occurring in the muscle
(C) Electric phenomenon occurring in the bones
(D) Efficiency of tissues

8. International Literacy Day is celebrated on

(A) 8th September
(B) 8th October
(C) 8th November
(D) 8th August

9. Persian carpets are divided into three groups:

I. Obee
II. Farsh/Qali
III. Qalichech
IV. Gelim/Zilu
V. Pagan


(A) I, II and III are correct.
(B) II, IV and V are correct.
(C) III, IV and V are correct.
(D) II, III and IV are correct.

10. The homogenization of milk is done

(A) To destroy pathogen
(B) To disperse fat molecules
(C) To enhance nutritive quality
(D) To help making cheese

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