1. What is the primary reason for blanching food?

(A) Cleans the food
(B) Prevents pest infestation
(C) Inactivates enzymes in food
(D) Prevents food from drying

2. Salt is added in dyeing for 

(A) Absorption
(B) Exhaustion
(C) Solubility
(D) All the above

3. Bending and carrying respectively belong to which kind of effort?

(A) Pedal and Mental
(B) Torsal and Manual
(C) Manual and Pedal
(D) Pedal and Torsal

4. Vanaspati is an adulterant in

(A) Malt
(B) Haldi
(C) Ghee and butter
(D) Saffron

5. Moderate hearing loss is indicated when a child can hear only at

(A) 26-40 decible
(B) 41-55 decible
(C) 56-70 decible
(D) 71-90 decible

6. Disability in reading is called

(A) Hemophilia
(B) Dyslexia
(C) Aphasia
(D) Dysgraphia

7. One of the motifs used in Bandhani is

(A) Burfi
(B) Ladoo-Jalebi
(C) Vajra
(D) Gopuram

8. Principles of design are,

I. Repitition
II. Balance
III. Movement
IV. Harmony
V. Rhythmic
VI. Background


(A) I, II, IV, V
(C) III, IV, I, II
(D) I, III, VI, V

9. Give the correct sequence of printing with azoic dyes.

I. Diazotisation
II. Clearing Naphthol
III. Naptholation
IV. Coupling


(A) I, II, III, IV
(B) III, I, IV, II
(C) II, IV, I, III
(D) IV, III, II, I

10. From which plant source gluten is derived?

(A) Soya
(B) Rice
(C) Corn
(D) Wheat

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